Vidyashilp Community trust was set up in  2018. Vidyashilp Community Trust is a registered charitable trust that works on improving the quality of education by nurturing children to be agents of change and focusing on holistic development. The trust is committed to the creation of a more equitable, merit-based society by empowering individuals through transformational education to bridge the socio-economic divide

The objective of the Trust is to improve the overall quality, provide requisite upgrades to infrastructure, teaching aid, medical facilities and creating a learning experience for the benefit of the students. Vidyashilp community trust has adopted 21 government schools in Karnataka. 

To provide government school children with a comprehensive holistic, quality education which allows each child to bloom to their fullest potential. We aim to transform the rural, semi-urban and urban Government schools into model schools so that they are on the same level as the best schools in the city in terms of quality, facilities, infrastructure and performance.

About VCT- Mission

To make children future ready and create ample opportunities for them to create their own path

About VCT- Vision


Dr. Kiran Pai


Dr. Kiran Pai is the Director of Vidyashilp Schools, Vidyashilp Academy and Vidyasagar Preschools. She is also the founder of educational initiatives such as Connectivate, a conference platform for educators and students. Agents of Change, another initiative is a social work model for empathy that aims to enable students to become active, compassionate citizens. Though she is one of the youngest education entrepreneurs in the country, she has nearly a decade of experience in the field of K- 12 management and is involved in overall strategic management, development and administration of the school. Dr. Kiran is Doctorate from the Rossier School of Education- University of Southern California.

Ms. Radhika Pai

Academic Consultant

Ms. Radhika is the steer wheel behind this initiative, with her empathetic approach, she has reached out to students and teachers. She counsels the students and teachers to make education their ladder to success. Her classrooms of English speaking and value-based education is eagerly awaited during the week. Ms. Radhika also liaisons and works enthusiastically to spread awareness and motivates people to contribute for the cause.

Ms. Arnawaz Bastawala

Programme Development Officer

Mrs. Arnawaz Bastawala’s association with school and trust is since inception. An educator with 20 years of experience she is a valuable asset to the organization. Her personal beliefs align perfectly with Vidyashilp Community Trust. In an endeavor to give back to society, Mrs. Bastawala has worked intensively to enhance both interpersonal development and teaching skills imparting quality education to the students. Her dedication and willingness to Vidyashilp Community Trust makes her a significant contributor towards the cause. Arnawaz plays a major role in driving CSR strategic plans with guarantee that the educational program and the quality of teaching and learning meets the needs and the standards of the school community.